Apocalypse – The Puzzle of Revelation

This History Channel documentary on the Biblical Book of Revelations is a decent introduction to this most puzzling and intriguing book of all the canonical writings. “The Apocalypse of John” has fascinated readers since ancient times and this short DVD highlights a number of topics that should prepare the interested viewer to dive in and do further research on this rather arcane subject.

The video begins by exploring the legendary site of the final battle between Good and Evil as fortold in the Bible, the ruins of Meggido, or as it is written in Hebrew, Armageddon. It then provides a cursory background to the reputed author of the Book of Revelations, St. John of Patmos and his place in history. It alludes to the large genre of ancient writings known as apocalyptic literature and how John’s book was only one of many such prophetic tomes. It shows that John’s book draws heavily on the much older biblical Book of Daniel and was the subject of much debate by early Christians who questioned whether it should be included in the Bible canon at all.

This video is a good introduction to the fascinating subject of Christian eschatology and would be good for anyone interested in Bible prophesy and the End Times.

Review by: Matthew S. Schweitzer of Amazon.com

Video (Playlist): http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6F09C05E0F472202


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